waterDRI-Adequate Intake Guidelines

  • 2.7L to 3.7L/day  or  11 cups to 17 cups/day (IOM, 2005)
  • Please note: There is no specific recommended intake because individual water intake can vary on a day to day basis, this is due to variations in physical activity, environmental conditions, and differences in diet. (DGA, 2010)

Hydration Guidelines

  • Drink water within 1 hour before exercising
  • Less than 60 minutes of activity: replace fluids with plain water (unless you are an elite athlete)
  • More than 60 minutes of activity: use sports drinks (6-8% carbohydrate) and water
  • To replace sweat losses: drink fluids during exercising
  • It is important to replace loss electrolytes, especially in conditions with higher temperatures
  • To replace high sodium losses: add salt to sports drink
  • To replace potassium losses: eat high potassium fruits and veggies pre/post activity, most Americans do not intake the recommended 4.7 gram/day (for example: spinach, cantaloupes, almonds, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, bananas, oranges, grapefruits, and potatoes) (NFS, i5, 2009)