Is Organic Better for You?

I always love this question. Is it worth the extra money to buy organic foods?  The simple answer is YES!!  But will you choose organic with me?  Well, that’s up to you of course.  Based on all the reviewing of articles and common nutrition sense, I am in favor of buying organic foods when possible.  I found this article in New York Times Health by Tara Parker-Pope called “Is Organic Better? Ask a Fruit Fly” (April 17, 2013) and enjoyed the read so I wanted to highlight some of the points the author talked about. 

This particular study was done on fruit flies by a 16 year old who was able to have her study published in a scientific journal (you can find the article here).  Pretty good for 16!  It was found that the fruit flies “by nearly every measure, including fertility, stress resistance and longevity” did better then those eating the conventional foods.  It wasn’t determined whether the organically fed fruit flies fared better because of less pesticides or that the organic produce had a higher nutrient content.  But the overall outcome was organic was better.

One other item the article pointed out was the “question of whether organically raised plants produce more natural compounds to ward off pests and fungi, and whether those compounds offer additional health benefits to flies, animals and humans who consume organic foods”

Interesting don’t you think? Of course more research to better understand the impact to human health is ongoing.