Pesticide Levels Drop after Switching to Organic Foods

An interesting study on the effect of pesticides and children concluded that once children stopped consuming conventional fruits and vegetables and started eating organic produce, the pesticide markers in their urine disappeared.

The good news was that this change in levels was very rapid.  However, we do not know the effects of low-level pesticides, if any, on children.  “…a link between neurological impairments and repeated low-level exposure is far more difficult to determine,” states the article.  Animal studies have shown a link between pesticides and brain development and behavior and it wasn’t good.

I hadn’t thought of this before but it makes sense as the article states–the levels were higher in the winter months probably due to more imported produce.  I love the common sense tips for choose what fruits and vegetable to buy organic.   “For example, organic strawberries probably are worth the money because they are a tender-fleshed fruit grown close to the dirt, so more pesticides are needed to fight insects and bugs from the soil.  [The researcher]  adds apples and spinach to his list.  ‘It may also be money-smart to choose conventionally grown broccoli because it has a web of leaves  surrounding the florets, resulting in lower levels of pesticide residue,’ Lu says.”  I am sure we can apply this way of thinking to other fruits and vegetables we buy at the supermarket.  (This article can be found here.)