Maria Kang: “What’s your excuse?”

Controversial Picture: Fit Mother

Are you kidding me?!!!!  The “kidding me” was about the uproar. That’s what I said after I read (from a variety of news website) about the uproar this picture caused.  This is a fabulous picture of a mother that worked hard to get her amazing body (here is a write up with the picture from ABC News).  Like always, I go to the source to get the real scoop, and I liked what I read.

I don’t understand why people get all worked up about it, and why the picture would make anyone feel bad.  Then I thought about it….when someone speaks the TRUTH (hence the “what’s your excuse”), this entitled feeling society all likes to pass blame and judgement on someone else. If a person can’t get something fast, let’s blame someone else or trash them so we feel better about ourselves.  It’s pathetic!   We all spend money and time on our body, hair, and clothes (and not to mention countless brain cells thinking about ourselves) and then when a picture is posted of a mom of three kids who looks great, people get all offended that she is exploiting her body and kids and how dare she even have a photographer take a picture of her reality.  Good grief!!  Every women spends time on herself….she just made wise choices in the use of her time and money!!  And do you know how proud those sons will be of their mom when they are older!  Let’s get past what she looks like (as I don’t think any woman out there will be her twin) and focus on her message–wanting to empower people to do all they can to be healthy and strong and then you have no excuses.

Don’t be jealous, get fit!  Don’t be jealous, get motivated!  Jealousy is “soooo highschool” and its so obvious to others (yes, can you tell I have experienced jealousy of sorts—-I just don’t let you know I am on to you–LOL). Disclaimer: I am a bit biased, I am all for mothers staying fit.