Salad in Jar: How to make your own

Salad in a Jar:  How to make your own

After I saw how to make oatmeal in a jar, I found this idea and thought it fun and fabulous!!  Also, very healthy and convenient for those who want to bring their meals to work.  Basically, you take a mason jar and fill with your favorite salad ingredients. Wait!  There is a method to the concept.  This site give a step by step (with pictures) and pintrest of course has tons of ideas for the process, and you can see my own brief explanation below. Remember you have the power to make the recipes healthy or not so no fear just modify if you need to. Just think simple and tasty. 

Steps in a Nutshell:  Get out your mason jar!!

1.  Bottom layer: Salad dressing (otherwise it gets everything soggy ~ the reason behind the tall mason jar)
2.  Second layer:  Heavy veggies next ~ tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, celery, etc…
3.  Third layer:  Protein (optional) ~ chopped eggs or meat, etc…
4.  Fourth layer: Lettuce
5.  Fifth layer: Nuts and seeds (optional)
6. Paper towel* to soak up condensation (just tear part of a paper towel to fit)

*I put a paper towel on the bottom of the container or bag that holds my lettuce to make it last longer and stay crisper in the refrigerator so here you just put the towel on top.

Click here for some recipe ideas I found: Free E-Book or Kindle Book: Salads to GoRecipes, Recipes