Saturated Fat and Heart Disease: Fact or Fiction?

Does Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease?

Natural and unprocessed is best–its my rule of thumb and its the way I was raised.  Thanks Mom!!

It was previously thought that a reduction in saturated fat would reduce the incidence of heart disease.  In 2010 the American Journal of Nutrition did a study on the evidence of that statement (view the abstract here).  Their conclusion was that there was no significant evidence to link saturated fat to heart disease.  The study also stated that more research was needed find out if  ingredients used to replace saturated fat had any link to heart disease namely sugars.

There has been some talk/interest of this again in 2013 but it looks like the nutrition field and those professionally involved in it were already on top of this a while ago so I wanted to point out that fact.  Also, does this mean that you can drink whole milk–think again–check out my post on homogenized milk.  Ask yourself: What’s the source and how is it processed?