CrossFit: Is it the best fitness routine for your body?

Well, you get to decide.  However, I found this article that brought up interesting points so I thought I would share it. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published an article examining the effects of CrossFit high intensity workouts on aerobic fitness and body composition.  Results showed an improved VO2 max and decreased body fat percentage in both men and women.  Obviously, these are excellent results!!  Within the article you find that 16% of the 54 participants quit the program due to overuse or injury and that is where the concern is based from.  Can CrossFit actually be detrimental to your musculoskeletal system causing injuries?

An article from Outside Magazine shares their thoughts on CrossFit and injury to participants and the thoughts behind it. Outside Magazine also has another rebuttal article here.

In 2011 the military with the American College of Sports Medicine did a review on Extreme Conditioning Programs (EFC’s) which for example include CrossFit and Insanity.  They found “That is an apparent disproportionate musculoskeletal injury risk from these demanding programs, particularly for novice participants, resulting in lost duty time, medical treatment, and extensive rehabilitation…..Moreover, certain distinctive characteristics of ECPs appear to violate recognized accepted standards for safely and appropriately developing muscular fitness and are not uniformly aligned with established and accepted training doctrine”

While I think those who excel in CrossFit are amazing, and as you know, I am all about people being fit and involved in a workout routine, I always had a hesitancy about certain aspects of CrossFit and such like it.  Is my hesitancy founded on any particular research–no absolutely not.   I am concerned about the weights and toll on the body and competitiveness that could push a person to injury even if you build up to it. The intensity and weights seem unnatural to me and that will always give me a hesitancy.  Anyways, I want my hesitancy to be proved wrong because I am excited about CrossFit, and how it helps people get into fitness routine.  Maybe these articles are good because it makes people take a pause and evaluate the independently run CrossFit Box’s staff expertise in proper exercise training.

Throughout history, people lifted “weights” based on tools needed for survival and the type of job they did.  They ate off the land with the hidden arts of traditional cooking.  And men and women were strong and powerful with body’s made for endurance.  Lean muscles.  Lots of reps with “lean” weights makes more sense to me.  And as with any sport you do, crossTRAINING should be a requirement.