Minimalist Running Shoes: What you should know…

A good reminder to those with minimalist running shoes.  Kinda the same reminder you should use with anything involved with exercise.  Here is a excerpt from the article:

‘”This study supports what I and others have been arguing for years,” Daniel Lieberman, author of widely cited studies comparing barefoot running to running with shoes, told Reuters Health in an email.

“If you switch to minimal shoes or go barefoot you need to (a) do so gradually so your body can adapt, and (b) you need to learn proper running form,” said Lieberman, who is chair of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and not involved in the new study.

But, Lieberman told Reuters Health, he would not go as far as calling minimalist shoes “worse” than conventional shoes, at least not based on this study.

The runners did not transition gradually, the study did not examine their running form, and it only included the initial transition period to the new shoes, which many runners would adapt to over time, he said.

“What matters most for injury is how you run, not what is on your feet, and this study only looked at the latter,” Lieberman said.’ read full article here