Liver is Packed Full of Nutrients

My mom was looking up a recipe for liver pate which inspired this post.  Please note that if you are taking cod liver oil its best to skip it on the same day as consuming liver.  Here are my favorite articles:

Learning to Love Liver: A Simple Liver Pate

Benefits of Eating Liver: Our most nutrient dense food

Different Ways You Can Cook Liver for It to Taste Good  You can use virgin coconut oil  for cooking in any of the recipes as its a better oil to use for cooking at high heat.  If you ever get coconut oil and it doesn’t smell like coconuts then take it back to the store to exchange.  (Trader Joes has it for a good price.  I can’t go to fifty different stores to grocery shop so ya know I am sure you can find it cheaper somewhere else.)

Why I Don’t Eat Paleo or Primal