Benefits of a Multidimentional Exercise Program: Did you get the PRISE?

Love when I find research that supports what I have been saying all along to maintain and achieve optimal health for adventurous living.  Cross-training!!  According to a current paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology, quality of your exercise and diet program is better then the quantity.  So what does that mean?  Doing just one thing such as say just jogging or just weights is not going to achieve a healthy and happy body.  A multidimensional exercise routine with moderate amounts of protein will lead to “decreasing total and abdominal fat, increasing lean body mass, and achieving optimal levels for blood pressure, blood glucose, and insulin.”  Simply put is to remember the acronym PRISE:

  • P = Protein
  • R = Resistance
  • I = Interval
  • S = Stretching
  • E = Endurance

The outcome of going for the PRISE1 is that you have a healthy fully functional body for all your fun outdoor activities.

Like I said above, “LOVE this!”

1.  Rethinking of current assumptions about exercise. Stone Hearth News. May 13, 2014.