Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding

for the whole family


  • Nutritionally Specific for Human Growth
  • Skin on Skin Contact Bonding
  • High in Antibodies
  • High Amounts of DHA
  • Easily Digested
  • Higher Absorption Rate of Nutrients
  • Leaner for Life
  • Lowers Obesity Risk
  • Immediate: Faster Delivery of Placenta
  • Immediate: Less Blood Loss Due to Uterine Contractions from Baby’s Sucking
  • Promotes Postpartum Weight Loss (depending on BF intensity and duration, DGA 2010)
  • Bonding and Comforting Experience Between Mother and Baby
  • Decreases Osteoporosis
  • Emotional Health
  • Always Ready
  • Decreased Risk of Cancer: Breast, Uterine, and Ovarian
  • Delayed Fertility


  • Sleep
  • More Ecological
  • Financial Savings
  • Smell
  • Health of Mother and Baby
  • Portability
  • Convenience