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Gluten Free Restaurant List for San Diego County

Put out by Sharp Health Care, here is a gluten free restaurant list for San Diego County.

Also, Urban Tastebuds, has a list of 75 gluten free menus of well known restaurants around the country.

Potential Hidden Sources of Gluten

For those needing to follow a strict gluten free diet, you can check out this in depth guide from of the foods to avoid.  Although I would rather have a list of what foods you can eat, this is a good start for realizing just where gluten can hide–you might be surprised.  So use this list and start making a list of what foods you like and can eat on your gluten free diet to make shopping easier.

Great Coconut Flour Breads Recipes – Gluten Free too!

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Easy Sandwich Flatbreads

Check out these great Coconut Flour Bread Recipes by Radiant Life. I absolutely LOVE the coconut flour pumpkin bread (fabulous as a side for dinner or snack). What is fun for sandwiches is the Easy Sandwich Flatbread recipe.  You can get the bovine gelatin here:  Bernard Jensen’s Gelatin or Great Lake Gelatin

Note:  you can also add the gelatin to your homemade bone broth for added bone and collagen support.