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Each of my birth experiences was different, just as different as all my kids personalities. And I love it!!  My experiences of birthing three children have given me this strength that never can be taken away.

How do you explain it?  Its a quNewell Photoshoot-7iet strength and its beautiful and powerful. It made me stronger and it made our bond as a couple stronger.  It becomes part of you and this lost art of natural childbirth will be passed onto the couples I teach.

Our first baby was born at a hospital after two and a half days of labor using The Bradley Method®, and we were so grateful for the depth of knowledge and preparation going into something we had never done before.  I remember those feelings!!  While holding my little one after the birth, I remember thinking–this sure would have been a different experience if Brandon and I didn’t understand the natural labor process or have the confidence to trust my body.   There was no fear during my long labor.  He knew how to help me and this allowed me to let go and give in to the movement of my labor.

Again, we had two beautiful natural labors for my second and third children at home.   My three labors were beautiful, positive and empowering, as well as very very different.  With my experience of my own three very different labors as well as helping other women at their birthplaces during their labors and birth, you will receive unsurpassed teaching and support as you take my class.

I am delighted with my children’s natural births and can’t wait help other mothers along with their partner, husband, or other support person have a positive and fulfilling birth experience.