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More About My Classes


One of My Class Reunions

I am so excited for you to be welcoming your sweet little one into the world!!  Classes are designed to be small to ensure personal attention, and there will be an amazing guest speaker for the breastfeeding portion of the class.

My students tell me they love my laid back personality and ability for helping them feel comfortable at the class.   It would be an privilege to help you prepare for this amazing event so you and your husband/partner can feel ready for your upcoming birth.

In my class I am a huge fan of the coach too!  The coach will come away from my class feeling confident and equipped to help the mother through the course of labor and birth and beyond.  My couples tell me, at the class reunion, this strong bond created between the coach and the mother during the class and birth is one of the most treasured aspects they take away from the whole experience.


One of My Class Reunions

Many women come to class fearful about the pain and unknown process of childbirth (I know I was before my first Bradley class!!).  In the first class, I share valuable information on pain versus sensation and minimizing fears, and by the end of my class series, mothers are empowered and have rediscovered their inner strength to be ready for this powerful experience of birth.

I also bring in analogies to the first class because I understand that most of my couples have not experienced birth first hand.  And if you haven’t experienced birth its seems a little abstract and unknown or just “out there”.  I know I felt that way.  Before I took my birthing classes, I wished I could just reach out and grab this thing called birth and own it (I was so scared), but I didn’t have the understanding or tools or peace yet to do that.  When couples can relate birth to things they have done or know, how much better the partner is able to help her and how much more confident she  feels in understanding her own strength and body.


One of My Class Reunions

I love to use visuals and hands on teaching!!  During your classes you will learn stages of labor, positions for labor and pushing, creating a teamwork atmosphere with your care providers, what if’s, breastfeeding and more!  Our relaxation focus for an unmedicated birth includes: affirmations, physical touch relaxation, visualizations, massage, and backache comfort measures, and other helpful peaceful relaxation techniques for labor.

How does nutrition and exercise play a vital role in the birthing process?   You will learn nutrition for a healthy and beautiful baby as well as endurance for the birth.  I teach exercises for pregnancy to aid in strengthening the mother for labor and helping her baby get in an optimal position for the birth process.

My teaching location has comfortable mats and exercise balls available for your use during the class and is super easy and convenient to get to.  Get ready for a fun and relaxing class!!!


One of My Class Reunions

A shout out to all my past students.  The sweet letters and emails you have sent me have ment so much.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives during your amazing journey.  I LOVE our class reunions when I get to meet all your sweet babies.  Peace.

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