Nutrition Assessment and Counseling Services

Traditional Cultures have valuable time-honored dietary customs that have produced strong and beautiful bodies both mentally and physically.  Also, upon doing research you find that people raised with traditional ways of eating have no need for braces and virtually no tooth decay, strong muscles and bones, and are free of autoimmune and degenerative diseases.  Moving away from eating processed foods to naturally grown foods will enable you to balance your body and live an adventurous life.  I have set up the below prices to be affordable and for maintenance follow-ups as needed.

Please contact me if you would like to receive nutritional counseling and indicate which package your are interested in.

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Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis $45 (1 hour)

Recommended for first time clients to get a clear picture of what your diet actually looks like.
This allows me to evaluate you as an individual and help set your nutritional goals.

  • Your current nutrient intake will be determined.  This will be compared to what you should be eating based on the assessment.
  • You complete a 7 day food and exercise record
  • Assessment of body composition
  • Setting of nutritional goals. This is a teamwork approach between me and you.
  • Nutritional education specific to client needs

Basic Consultation $35 (30-45 min)

Recommended after client receives the Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis or for maintenance of nutritional health.  Although the Basic Consult is traditionally used for follow-ups, it can be used as first initial nutrition consult.  May not include all listed below – will be tailored to client needs and desires.

  • Re-assessment of current intake with 24 hour dietary recall (or 3 days if you have received an initial assessment)
  • Nutrition plan re-evaluated
  • Discussion of progress and client questions
  • Solutions for new obstacles or setbacks
  • Cooking tips
  • Exercise tips
  • Set up of nutritional goals if this is the first initial consult

Pregnancy Package $50 – Highly Recommended!

  • Excellent nutrition to help set up the mother for an easier labor and recovery
  • Wisdom in nutrition for a beautiful and strong baby
  • Included initial assessment and 30 minute follow up
  • Additional follow-ups – $35 (45 min)

Grocery Store Tours $25 (45 min)

Recommended for those that would like to learn how to shop for healthy options and take it to the next level.

  • Personal tour
  • Grocery store of choice within the North County San Diego area
  • Learn how to read ingredient labels
  • Find and choose a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to incorporate into a healthy diet
  • Discover the healthy meats and fats and oils to buy
  • Learn how to choose the healthiest options in packaged or jarred products
  • Tours last 45 min


Military Discount:  Active duty and active duty family members receive 10% off all services   Insurance Coverage:  Check with your insurance company for possible reimbursement regarding Nutrition Counseling.